Though drivers of economic progress, MSMEs are also known to be highly vulnerable to climate change. However, their participation in climate ecosystem is weak and needs to be strengthened to take advantage of the abundant opportunities for green investments. Several International bodies and development partners have launched different initiatives over the years to support and build the capacities of MSMEs, FIs and Technical Service Providers (TSPs) to enhance their skills to ensure the integration of climate actions in their operations. In line with the above, stakeholders in the microfinance subsector sought to develop the capacity of MSMEs, FIs and TSPs to able to mainstream climate actions in their business operations and take advantage of the numerous opportunities in the climate-smart value chain.

Hence the development of the climate finance certification program.

Levels of Certification

  • Basic Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Advance Level
Basic Level Core Modules
  • Basics of Climate Change
  • Climate Change and MSMEs
  • Climate Change and Investment Opportunities for MSMEs.
Intermediate Level Core Modules
  • Climate Investment Risks Assessment
  • Environmental and Social Risks
  • Climate Risks Insurance for MSMEs
Advance Level Core Modules
  • Climate Change financing for MSMEs
  • Carbon Emission Trading
  • Appraisal and Assessment of Climate Smart Enterprise
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